In four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, the communication between the winter to the spring season is more than the mark. Because of the cold, stormy move warm, peaceful people always create excitement, optimism, flaming barriers.

Spring said nothing to me in words, do not call me call for love. However, a rare bit of sunshine smeared from the murky, cold make feeling, a little wind that move will be the newly sprouted shoots, made me eager to see the new day with fragrant flowers and grass.Spring look with covetous eyes patio, spring door to knock on the door signaled the peaceful, radiant tomorrow, sunny day, clear blue sky. Interference light of heaven and earth, like mother sing soothing lullaby songs folk of maiden, singing lullabies to time our childhood shape personality.

Hanoi Spring

I did not hear spring said anything, although spring was growing in our hearts every day, every month. I do not hear spring sing the song, but life just so beautiful, any more adorable. Spring-inspired feelings creeping when the fruit is gently back breeze wind, after the fair mother brought edible yam, purple potatoes from the garden after house. Spring is beginning pink light to spread road of the village, felt sun on cheeks, lips of women. The drops of sunshine called ringing on the red tile roof after a long winter that rain peeled off moss,sunshine parked on the shoulder of the florist riverside dream bring full on the flower begin to bud.

Spring did not say anything, why make us fret before the grave of relation. In ancient times, after each ancestral graves grandparents, parents often say to the survivors said: “Parents go home in Tet holiday with you, bless you peace, prosperity ….” Sitting in a year was summed up – lost, more poignant duty do the human. Sow a good seed will grow a beautiful fragrant flower trees, sowing the seeds of good will have gold harvest season. Also cultivated a bad germs can not get fresh fragrant fruit.

Spring can sing anything, so the birds relentlessly throughout the day. Suddenly sad when the boys with catapult stalking young birds are singing impartial. Spring come to sparkling dawn the leaves on trees. The card wish you a Happy New Year that I shall give you, not write, how to say all these things in our intestines, liver. There is no time to say what we have into eternity.

Heard spring said in the flowers dream, sweet vernal as also to hear the wake of move heaven and earth, of all things. Spring is coming! She is until sour and scornful all home with new clothes, fresh flowers … I like children again albeit not young