Shops, restaurants are beautiful grown up, Trang Tien plaza was born, even the students were using mobile phones. The old bus is open door run on the street this time has now been replaced by new buses, more beautiful. Meeting roadside markets still exist, but has many more supermarkets, shops fast food follow American-style appearance, while Pho Thin at any time there are only few places.


Stop and contemplate

Not deny the changes as positive, “richer”, but I still feel Hanoi seemed to have lost something very precious. In the great changes of the era, those who are not directly experiencing of war progressively more. A beautiful image of Hanoi ancient remains no more memories of the young generation but the younger generation has no errors, and we must receive the change of time. These changes can quickly feel , perhaps the most influential for a researcher to Vietnam like me .

Vietnam is an increasingly rapid pace. Vietnam is a fast forward on the path of industrialization and modernization. But because Vietnam is the country has gone through years of heroic and tragic war, so I still want you to occasionally take some time to pause and contemplate.

I love the streets of Hanoi, where far-away sound of the peddle, where people just work together and play. I like to sit crouched in a small chair at the roadside kiosk, just eat a bowl of Hanoi Pho, both wallow in something in the space. And, with all my heart of an alien love Hanoi, Hanoi I hope not to lose this vitality . vietnam travel